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Encapsulation of bioactive lipophilic curcumin using Pickering emulsion for food-grade hydrogel and aerogel applications

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posted on 2023-06-08, 03:51 authored by YUAN ZHE AW
Many health benefits of oil-soluble drugs are difficult to be utilized, due to absorption or storage issues. This study aimed to improve the encapsulation and delivery of an oil-soluble drug called curcumin. The storage stability of the drug was greatly increased through the production of emulsion, which were oil-in-water droplets. Next, the drug-loaded emulsion was filled in a gel-based beads, made of food-safe natural material. Then, freeze-drying was performed to create beads with a longer shelf-life, which also had cereal-like texture. Testing showed that this encapsulation system was suitable for sensitive drugs, as it is long-lasting, easy-to-handle, easy-to-store and food-compatible.


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Tey Beng Ti

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Low Liang Ee

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Chan Eng Seng

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Lim Hui Peng

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