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Enacting Leadership by Navigating Institutional Complexity: An Institutional Perspective on Public Sector Leadership in the Bangladesh Public Administration

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posted on 21.05.2020, 04:43 by Shibaab Rahman
This thesis contributes to limited understandings of how civil servants in developing countries contribute to positive outcomes in society by exercising leadership. The research undertaken in Bangladesh showed that enacting public leadership in a developing country context is a complex process that requires civil servants to be astute in navigating their environments. This requires negotiating competing and conflicting demands, overcoming politically imposed barriers, and maintaining a clear sight on achievement of the common good. Implication of this research has important implications for policy makers in Bangladesh in improving leadership capacities of civil servants.


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Julie Rosalind Wolfram Cox

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Dr Prue Burns

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Professor Julian Teicher

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Professor Quamrul Alam

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