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Enabling Solar Energy to Fuel Conversion on Silicon-based Nanomaterial Catalysts

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posted on 05.04.2019, 04:09 by AHMED FARID HALIMA
This thesis presents the development of Silicon-based nanomaterials for use as the functional component in solar water splitting cells. Silicon satisfies the materials sustainability requirements being an earth abundant, inexpensive and the most widely-studied semiconductor. This research investigates the design and stability of cathode ensembles, by incorporating functional diamond stabilising coatings and hydrogen catalysts onto planar and nanostructured silicon interfaces. Various experimental techniques were implemented to better understand the optical and morphological attributes of the interface and especially test its performance for solar to hydrogen conversion. This thesis also investigates the durability of these materials for prospective solar hydrogen devices.


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Douglas Robert Macfarlane

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Xinyi Zhang

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Science