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Efficient Mitigation of Leakage-abuse Attacks for Searchable Encryption

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posted on 22.12.2021, 00:50 by VIET QUANG VO
Dynamic searchable symmetric encryption (DSSE) is one of the key enablers for building encrypted databases. Current studies are not ready for practical uses due to security and performance issues. Therefore, we first propose ShieldDB that enables streaming/search over encrypted database. We analyse to what extend adversaries can exploit the leakage of DSSE schemes, and propose lightweight but effective padding countermeasures. Then, we focus on how to improve the performance of advanced schemes supporting security notions of forward and backward privacy. We provide three trusted execution environment-supported backward (and forward)-private schemes. Our schemes outperform previous studies at the same leakage types.


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Xingliang Yuan

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Shi-Feng Sun

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Joseph Liu

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Software Systems & Cybersecurity


Doctor of Philosophy

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