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Efficient Delivery of Oxygen Molecules by Magnetic Framework Composites

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posted on 30.03.2021, 20:21 authored by LEENA MAHESH MELAG
Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) offer the perfect yet largely unexplored alternative for selective adsorption of oxygen. Oxygen molecules can bind directly to the coordinatively unsaturated open metal sites of MOFs, leading to higher selectivity of oxygen over nitrogen. Whilst MOFs show extraordinary capacity to adsorb gas molecules, its thermally insulating nature and strong binding to stored molecules makes the desorption process quite challenging and energy-intensive. To overcome the high energy requirements associated with regeneration of MOFs, it is possible to synthesise Magnetic Framework Composites (MFCs) by incorporating magnetic nanoparticles in the MOF framework. This process known as Magnetic Induction Swing adsorption (MISA), utilises the penetrative nature of magnetic fields to produce heat from the magnetic nanoparticles embedded within the MOF composites, enabling the adsorbent to be regenerated without the external application of heat or vacuum.


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