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Effects of ageing on the DNA repair capacity of the oocyte and its relationship to sperm DNA damage and reproductive outcomes

posted on 2020-06-22, 06:07 authored by FABRIZZIO ENRIQUE HORTA NUNEZ
This thesis examines the effect of ageing on the DNA repair capacity of oocytes by studying the expression of oocyte DNA repair genes and DNA damage response (DDR) in an in vitro fertilisation (IVF) experimental model using controlled levels of sperm DNA damage. It also examined the effect of male and female age on the clinical outcomes of couples presenting with idiopathic infertility at an IVF clinic. The current findings suggests that ageing results in a diminished oocyte DNA repair capacity to amend DNA damage or paternal origin. In the clinical setting, this thesis also showed that male ageing is negatively associated with the clinical outcomes of ARTs in couples with idiopathic infertility independent of female age.


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Peter Derek Mcneill Temple-smith

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Sally Catt

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Beverley Vollenhoven

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Clinical Sciences at Monash Health

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Obstetrics and Gynaecology

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