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Early adolescents engaging (or not) in activities to create an e-learning module on fractions: An exploratory case study

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posted on 2020-02-10, 04:26 authored by MELINDA ELIZABETH EVANS
In this case study, learning activity engagement was explored while Year 8 students engaged (or not) in co-creating an e-learning module on fractions. Students avoided roles involving peer judgement. Findings show five apparent sources of student boredom: (a) situational; (b) content-value related (e.g., perceived too easy); (c) pedagogical (too passive); (d) social (over-reporting some boredom); and (e) within-individual (boredom proneness). Many students stated most engagement when creating animations and ‘working’ (their definition unclear). Students appeared engaged when investigating fractions and gradients using a variably sloped runnel and marble. Plausible links between three major theories (SDT, EVT and CVTAE) were depicted.


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Marc Pruyn

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