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Does movement matter? Exploring the relationship between lumbo-pelvic movement and back pain using wireless inertial motion sensors

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posted on 08.03.2019, 04:21 authored by ROBERT LAIRD
This thesis reviewed lumbo-pelvic movement and its association with low back pain (LBP) by using wireless motion and electromyographic sensors to compare people with and without persistent LBP. Two reviews found little evidence that movement-based interventions can change movement patterns and inconsistent association with improved pain or activity limitation. Three studies tested movement consistency and reliability, demonstrated a method of defining atypical movement and tested if there were subgroups of flexion related kinematics. Four distinct patterns of flexion were evident with an unequal distribution among people with and without persistent LBP. People with different patterns may have differing responses to interventions for LBP.


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Jennifer Keating

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Peter Kent

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