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Digital creature creation: applied 3D modelling and animation for Australian animal visualization

posted on 17.02.2017, 00:04 by Ung, Chandara
This exegesis focuses on the investigative and studio research informing the digital construction of a diverse selection of Australian animals. A series of case studies of digital creature construction - the Jackie Dragon, Jabiru, Bandicoot, Eel, Blue Ringed Octopus and Fiddler Crab - will be outlined along with the key creation study of the Groper. Through investigating how visual research can inform the creation of 3D modelled and animated animal subjects and tracing their development process, this practice-based project seeks to identify critical considerations influencing the practice of applied 3D animal creation and the capturing of the essential behaviour of the animal subjects through animation.


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Vince Dziekan

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Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture