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Diet Quality in Reproductive Aged Women

posted on 2021-07-12, 04:34 authored by Julie Martin
The role of diet quality in the prevention of weight gain in women across the reproductive lifespan, as well as the predictors of diet quality in this population have been investigated. Further, the efficacy of interventions aimed at optimising diet and physical activity for weight gain prevention in adults have been reviewed. Overall, this thesis provides evidence of the contribution of diet quality to weight gain prevention in reproductive aged women, as well as efficacy of lifestyle interventions for supporting women and adults more broadly, to make small lifestyle changes associated with weight gain prevention. These findings have significant have public health implications, with potential to contribute to future weight gain prevention initiatives in women and more broadly, adults and their families.


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Cheryce Lee Harrison

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Associate Professor Lisa Moran

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Professor Helena Teede

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Public Health and Preventive Medicine

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Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences