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Development of chitosan-based hydrogel containing nano-formulations for subcutaneous delivery of tocotrienols

posted on 08.10.2020, 10:15 authored by DORYN MEAM YEE TAN
Current marketed formulations of palm-derived tocotrienols are mainly for oral and topical applications. Being highly lipophilic, the oral absorption of tocotrienols is incomplete and inconsistent. This thesis develops chitosan-based hydrogels as injectable subcutaneous depot systems for sustained delivery of nano-formulated tocotrienols. Upon subcutaneous injection, the hydrogel solutions transform into solid gel within 5 minutes at body temperature. The hydrogels are biodegradable and able to extend the tocotrienols release to more than 15 days in mice. This work serves as early development of parenteral sustained release formulation for applications of tocotrienols in pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical fields.


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Alice Lay Hong Chuah

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A/P Rakesh Naidu

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Fu Ju Yen

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School of Pharmacy (Malaysia)

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Malaysian Palm Oil Board


Doctor of Philosophy

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