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Development of a new generation cement: Insight into the deep wells

posted on 2021-09-30, 04:24 authored by MANOJ HARSHANA SAMARAKOON
In different types of deep well applications such as oil, gas, geothermal energy, and carbon sequestration, wellbore integrity is an essential factor. Depending on the type of well application, cement in the wellbore experiences a range of geo-environmental conditions under high-temperature and high-pressure. This research aims to replace Portland oil well cement with waste-based alkali-activated cement to avoid technical and environmental drawbacks of Portland cement under critical reservoir conditions. It further consumes industrial and municipal wastes such as coal ash, blast furnace slag and waste glass from Australian waste streams promoting sustainable construction practices.


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Ranjith Pathegama Gamage

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Wen Hui Duan

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Bernard K. Chen

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Manoj Khandelwal

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Civil Engineering


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