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Development of Self-healing Epoxidized Natural Rubber Reinforced by Palm CNF-ZnO Nanohybrids for Functional Glove Application

posted on 2022-08-23, 05:34 authored by JANARTHANAN SUPRAMANIAM

This thesis presented a facile ultrasound-assisted synthesis route of preparing CNF-ZnO reinforced ENR composite for novel self-healing glove fabrication use. The as-synthesized ENR/ZnO-CNF composite exhibited thermo-responsive self-healing behavior with high strength and strain recovery, of 70% and 92%, respectively. The composite film can also self-heal even at room temperature after 24 hours. In our laboratory, we successfully fabricated, for the first time, a novel ENR/ZnO-CNF glove with proven self-healing and chemical resistant ability. The invention represents a significant step toward developing world’s first self-repairing glove with prolonged lifetime and enhanced safety whilst tackling the environmental sustainability issues of glove use.


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Patrick Siah Ying Tang

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Bey Hing Goh

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Bey Fen Leo

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