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Development of Nanocrystalline Cellulose Films Using Maleic Acid via a Photo-Crosslinking Process

posted on 2023-03-16, 01:55 authored by Abishek Pravin Manoharan

Cellulose, nature's most abundant biomaterial found in all plants, has garnered massive interest in the ongoing search for renewable and sustainable materials. Nanocrystalline cellulose, a nano derivative of native cellulose, has a wide range of properties that can be used in various applications across a range of industries, but the fabrication of NCC-based materials is seldom done due to its inherent stiffness. This thesis presents a comprehensive study in which nanocrystalline cellulose-based films are produced via a dual crosslinking mechanism involving maleic acid and UV curing techniques. The well-linked polymer showed potential for use in the biomedical (wound healing) and renewable energy (fuel-cell) industries.


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Song Cherpin

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Ehsan Zeimaran

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Babak Salamatinia

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School of Engineering (Monash University Malaysia)


Master of Engineering Science (Research)

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Faculty of Engineering