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Development of Highly Regioselective Functionalizations of Arenes, Heteroarenes and Alkynes

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posted on 04.08.2020, 02:02 by Uttam Dutta
Innovation and implementation of science and technology are the key parameter to define the socio-economic background of a nation. In the realm of modern chemical science, complexity of the biologically active molecules and the underlying mechanistic intricacies fascinated the synthetic chemists over the centuries. Structurally C−H and C−C bonds are the fundamental backbone of organic molecules. Hence, the expansion of synthetic scope of organic chemistry is largely dependent on devising a suitable protocol in a simple and environmentally binging way. The work presented in this thesis, entitled as “Development of Highly Regioselective Functionalizations of Arenes, Heteroarenes and Alkynes” describes the regioselective functionalizations of C−H and C−C bonds. In one part, the reactions have been devised relying on radical based metal free approaches, on the other hand, to accomplish highly regioselective transformations, a prudent combinations of transition metals, ligands, oxidants and template have been designed. In this regard, an unprecedented selective distal arene-meta and para-C−H bond has been functionalized using a preinstalled director.


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D. Maiti

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David W. Lupton

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