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Development of Caveospheres as a Targeted Analgesic Drug Delivery System

posted on 2023-02-27, 02:39 authored by EVON YEE JIN CHONG
This thesis encompassed the engineering and optimisation of the nanoparticle, caveospheres, as a therapeutic drug delivery system (DDS) with use of a combination of protein and nanoparticle techniques. The versatility of caveospheres as a DDS is achievable via genetic manipulation of the Caveolin-1 protein. The Leu-enkephalin opioid peptide was used as a proof-of-concept that bioactive cargos can be attached on the caveosphere surface and remained biologically active. A cleavable linkage system was also designed, furthering diversification of caveospheres as a DDS. Overall, this thesis contributed to an improved understanding of the characteristics and potential of caveospheres as a DDS.


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Angus Johnston

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Nicholas Veldhuis

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Robert Parton

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Drug Delivery, Disposition and Dynamics


Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

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