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Development and analysis of Genome-Scale metabolic reconstruction of Microchloropsis gaditana CCMP526

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posted on 2019-07-11, 03:18 authored by Akhila George
This thesis developed a pathway database and genome-scale metabolic model for an oleaginous microalga, Microchloropsis gaditana, which is a potential source for biodiesel production. The database covered 141 metabolic pathways with reactions, associated enzymes, genes, and metabolites. The genome-scale metabolic model for M. gaditana, constituting 720 reactions, represented the primary metabolism of the alga. The model allows prediction of the flux of intracellular metabolites in the alga under different growth conditions. The model can be also used to predict the outcome of genetic manipulations to improve the metabolic capabilities, including oil production, of the alga.


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John Beardall

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Pramod P. Wangikar

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Madhusudan Chetty

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