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Design of Metallic Nanostructures for Stretchable and Transparent Electronics

posted on 2018-11-14, 22:14 authored by MY DUYEN HO
Different nanostructures of metallic materials like one-dimensional nanowires, fractal nanoframework, and two-dimensional sheet are synthesized for stretchable electronics. The relationship between nanostructures of stretchable materials and their properties such as electrical conductivity, optical transparency, as well as mechanical stretchability are investigated throughout the thesis. Based on the nanostructures and properties of the materials, the stretchable materials are applied for different practical applications like highly sensitive transparent strain sensors which can detect facial emotional expressions, heart beats, as well as human motions and stretchable transparent conductors which exhibits novel strain-insensitive at up to 20% stretching strain.


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Wenlong Cheng

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Chemical & Biological Engineering

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Chemical Engineering


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