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Design and Synthetic Investigations toward pH-Sensitive Dual-Release Molecular Frameworks

posted on 2022-02-16, 22:52 authored by YAYAO ZHOU
The aim of this thesis is to enable incorporation of a dually-functionalized molecular apparatus that can be assembled within a nanoparticle for selective and controlled release of both payloads in the acidic environment of a solid tumour. For proof of concept, a variety of acylhydrazone-based dual release molecular frameworks are designed and synthesized, and their hydrolytic stability are tested at various pH values. We successfully obtain a diverse set of novel linkers with different scaffolds that can undergo rapid cleavage and dual payload release in fine increments from pH 4.5 all the way to pH 7.4.


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Jonathan Baell

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Francesca Ercole

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Medicinal Chemistry


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