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Decoding Transcriptional Control of Germline Development in Caenorhabditis elegans

posted on 19.10.2020, 00:26 by WEI CAO
Regulation of gene expression is important for driving germ cell development, however, little is known regarding the function of transcriptional regulators in this process. To identify transcriptional regulators that are important for germ cell development, these genes were knocked down one by one, and the impact on the germline and reproduction were examined. In this analysis, germline cell-autonomous regulators and germline non-cell-autonomous regulators were discovered. Subsequent analysis on a previously uncharacterized gene F43G9.12 determined its cell-autonomous roles in the germline, likely through both transcriptional regulation and post-transcriptional process.


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Roger David John Pocock

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Anatomy and Developmental Biology

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Doctor of Philosophy

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