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Cycling to the train station: realising the latent demand and capitalising on the opportunities of the COVID-19 disruption

posted on 2023-03-16, 22:22 authored by PUNTHILA ERANDI JAYARATHNE
This doctoral research explored the potential to increase cycling to access the train station and COVID-19 disruptions as an opportunity to trigger cycling intentions. It reported a considerable potential to increase cycling access to train stations in Melbourne and suggested the potential market segments to be targeted in short to mid-term to realise the demand. This study generates important and timely insights that inform policy planning concerning increasing cycling for transport. Governments can use the findings of this doctoral research to unlock potential and turn COVID-19 from a short-term challenge into a long-term opportunity for more sustainable transport, cities and communities.


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Geoffrey Rose

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Marilyn Johnson

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Civil Engineering


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Faculty of Engineering