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Cult(ural) Elements and Intra-textual Affordances A Study of Cult Video Games

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posted on 2021-08-18, 00:32 authored by FARZAD PARSAYI
This thesis examines cult video games, which broadly refer to video games that have achieved significant niche popularity and maintained that popularity for a long time after their release. Although many studies have been written on cult television, film, and literature, little has been said about cult video games. This thesis seeks to address this issue by examining certain characteristics that are specific to video game medium and exploring how the popularity of a text is maintained by its fan community. The thesis makes a unique contribution to game studies and the study of cult fandom by arguing that for fandom to become cult fandom, the text needs to allow fans a high amount of agency in shaping their playing experience.


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Paul Atkinson

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Daniel Black

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