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Crustal- to Nano- Scale Influences on Orogenic Gold Deposits: Insights from the Central Victorian Goldfields

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posted on 2019-12-22, 07:48 authored by CHRISTOPHER RICHARD VOISEY
Orogenic type gold deposits are responsible for contributing over 75% of the Au recovered globally throughout history and Victoria contains one of the most prosperous orogenic gold regions ever discovered, producing approximately 2,500 tonnes of gold since the mid 1800’s. This investigation will combine principles from stable isotope geochemistry, petrography, micro-tectonics, thermodynamics, electrochemistry, and material science in ways not previously considered by the economic geology community. Results from this study will allow mineral explorationists to prioritise their targeting programs on both the regional and deposit-scale, as well as further the understanding of the key processes involved in the genesis of orogenic Au-type deposits and bonanza-grade gold zones.


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