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Consumers Response to Brand Transgressions: An Emerging Perspective on Religious Consumption

posted on 2018-12-27, 13:18 authored by SIMRAN KAUR NVINDERJIT SINGH
Religion plays a central role in consumption decisions, as individuals need to consider the relevant religious norms and beliefs in addition to their own preferences. This research investigates the dynamics that take place when a brand transgression violates a religious norm and how that impacts brand recovery strategies. This study posits that a brand transgression involving a violation of a religious norm, results in a unique disconfirmation of expectations that is beyond a consumer-brand relationship. The findings from this research have important implications for brands that operate in markets where religion and consumption are deeply intertwined.


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Pervaiz Khalid Ahmed

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Dr. Chong Yit Sean

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Associate Professor Yunus Ali

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School of Business and Economics (Monash University Malaysia)


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Faculty of Business and Economics