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Constructing the 'Study in Australia [TM] experience' : full fee paying overseas students in state government schools - a small but integral player

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posted on 2023-05-04, 02:43 authored by Annabelle Marian Leve.

This study investigates the ways in which Australian state government schools have 

taken on a 'small but integral role' in the much larger international education industry 

over the previous fifteen years, and the dominant meanings that have emerged

through related processes of neoliberal styled commodification. International student

programs involving full fee paying overseas students in these schools have been

represented and promoted to both local and overseas audiences for different

purposes but with the unifying theme of 'success'. This publically available overriding

discourse of 'success' however, did not always correspond with critical scholarly

research. The aim of this study therefore, was to collect and consider sources of

available knowledge about International student programs as a distinct part of a much

larger industry, and to analyse and discuss the construction and representations of

these programs. The study will contribute to a small, neglected, but distinct part of a

much larger field of research; international education.

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