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Concepts Towards Higher Efficiency and Stability Perovskite Solar Cells

posted on 16.07.2020, 11:01 by BOER TAN
Perovskite solar cells are one of the most promising photovoltaic technologies for harvesting solar energy. However, there is scope to improve the device performance and stability through optimization of the charge transporting materials. In this Ph.D. thesis, novel chemical oxidation strategies for organic hole transporting materials are developed to improve their electronic properties. The charge recombination and extraction mechanisms at the perovskite-hole transporting materials interfaces are comprehensively studied to reach higher device performance. The device stability is also prolonged by improving the robustness of the hole transporting material and the perovskite-hole transporting material interfaces with the incorporation of these novel strategies.


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Udo Bach

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Doojin Vak

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Chemical Engineering


Doctor of Philosophy

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