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Combating Gram negative multi-drug resistance with insights from novel bioinformatics approaches

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posted on 2020-06-01, 00:22 authored by NENAD MACESIC
Antibiotic resistant (‘superbug’) infections are a major global health problem. Genetic sequencing is giving us important insights into these infections. In this PhD, I used genetic sequencing to understand how patients are colonized and develop infections with superbugs. I then used it to study two new kinds of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Finally, I focused on resistance to polymyxins, last-line superbug treatments. I used genetic sequencing to determine what kinds of polymyxin resistance there are and how they spread in hospital, as well as discovering a new kind. Finally, I used artificial intelligence to predict polymyxin resistance from bacterial genetic sequences.


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Anton Peleg

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Anne-Catrin Uhlemann

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Central Clinical School

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Doctor of Philosophy

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