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Cognitive studies into early to mid primary school-aged children and subsequent development of design-based activities

posted on 2017-02-16, 03:50 authored by Roberts, Adam
A child emerging from infancy, interpreting sensory influences and moving into early childhood is at an ideal stage for growth in more involved learning. Through the research conducted, through activity concepts and interpreted responses, this thesis looks to construct a positive case study of Cognitive Development: the process of learning through participating, exploring and processing. The aim of these studies is to conceptualise and develop - with age-appropriate involvement - design-awareness activities which would be best suited to 5 to 9 year olds. This combined, during conceptualisation of activities, with references to leading practitioners past and present, their research regarding childhood stages, as well as related studies in sensory development in children. Aspects such as symbolic meanmg, abstract conceptualisation and abductive thinking are conveyed in the final activities and presented m conjunction with the written component of this Masters. "Experience with the senses, objectivise intellectually and realise synthetically". (Joannes ltten).


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