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Chronic physical health conditions following serious orthopaedic injury

posted on 2022-02-16, 05:25 authored by Asmare Y Gelaw
In this thesis, the prevalence of, and factors associated with chronic physical health conditions in people with serious orthopaedic injuries was investigated. The association between post-injury chronic physical health conditions and long-term outcomes following serious orthopaedic injury was also described. While people with serious orthopaedic injuries were younger and healthier than the general population, chronic physical health conditions were prevalent up to five years post-injury and there were some factors which increased the risk of chronic physical health conditions post-injury. Post-injury chronic conditions were significantly associated with poor long-term health status and mortality following serious orthopaedic injury.


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Christina Louise Ekegren

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Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine


Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

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