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Choreographic music in Australia, 1913-1964: from foreign reliance to an independent Australian stance

posted on 2016-12-05, 04:04 authored by Crotty, Joel
In the fifty-one year period between 1913 and 1964, Australia moved from being a destination for overseas troupes to a place in which locally-produced ballet and contemporary dance created a permanent place for itself in the cultural landscape. This study highlights significant tours by overseas dancers and troupes up to 1940. From 1940 onwards the author concentrates on the development of local troupes and their welcoming attitude towards establishing collaborations with Australian composers. This study demonstrates the connections between dance with original Australian choreographic music and broad themes such as the appropriation of Aboriginal culture, Australia's harsh climatic conditions and its unique fauna, and the social mores behind the rhetoric of the 'Australian Way of Life.' The thesis also highlights the theatrical essence of the choreographic scores under review.


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