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Chemically Patterned Steels

posted on 2023-03-16, 01:35 authored by Xiaohang Weng

A new type of microstructure design concept for high strength steels, consisting of a nanolaminate of martensite and austenite, was recently demonstrated using an approach termed ‘chemical patterning’. The chemically-patterned steels can generate an excellent combination of ultimate tensile strength and total elongation. This thesis involves both experiments and simulations to develop an in-depth understanding of the chemically-patterned steels from many aspects including the heat treatment, the tensile response, the wear behaviour, the new alloy design etc.


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Christopher Ross Hutchinson

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Matthew Barnett

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Materials Science and Engineering

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ARC Training Centre in Alloy Innovation for Mining Efficiency (Deakin University)


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Faculty of Engineering