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Characteristics of wall-impinging diesel spray

posted on 2017-06-15, 02:55 authored by MD JAYED HUSSAN
Numerous efforts to understand the complex dynamic phenomena of liquid jet impingement on a wall have been invested not only due to the importance of spray impingement in industrial cooling, heating, drying and fuel atomization process, but also due to the complexity of turbulent flow structure, air entrainment, heat transfer pattern and lack of a complete theory which can describe all these phenomena with certainty. As there are many aspects of this problem, researchers dedicated their effort in specific parametric spaces to characterize impinging jets. This study carries out a series of experiments and analyses the most reliably measurable macroscopic spray parameters. The experimental study on the wall-impinging diesel spray from a single-hole nozzle examines the effect of impingement angle on spray-wall interaction.


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Damon Robert Honnery

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