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Characterisation of bitumen-solvent mixtures for optimal performance of sprayed seal and implication to AS 3568

posted on 2021-01-22, 10:46 authored by AFIFA TAMANNA
This thesis characterises different mechanisms of solvent-bitumen mixtures for optimal sprayed seal road construction. These solvents reduce the viscosity of bitumen at low road surface temperature, enhancing the adhesion between binder and aggregate. A novel technique is developed using X-ray computed tomography to characterise diffusion of solvents. Industrial experimentation, and use of gene expression programming, an emerging area of artificial intelligence, has allowed to generate accurate prediction models for key performance indicators of sprayed seal binders. The findings of this research have been used to update AS 3568, the Australian Standard used by Australian road agencies for solvent quality control.


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Wenhui Duan

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Robert Urquhart

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Ezzatollah Shamsaei

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Civil Engineering


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Faculty of Engineering