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Carbon Nanoparticles as Fuel Additives for Cleaner Emissions and Lower Fuel Consumption in Light-Duty Diesel Engine Applications

posted on 2017-11-14, 00:33 authored by JONG BOON OOI
Diesel engines are widely favored in transportation owing to their high operating efficiency and high reliability. However, they are known to contribute to harmful smoke and nitrogen oxides. Carbon nanoparticles as fuel additives could be a solution to mitigating diesel emission issues due to their free-metal compounds and remarkable attributes. This thesis explores the viability of carbon nanoparticle additives and describes the development of optimum formulation of carbon nanoparticle additives for a light-duty diesel engine.


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Wang Xin

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Harun Mohamed Ismail

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Kenny Tan Boon Thong

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School of Engineering (Monash University Malaysia)


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