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Bridging the Virtual and Physical: from Screens to Costume

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posted on 2019-08-21, 03:08 authored by Domenico MazzaDomenico Mazza
The research enables a wide range of designers to engage in the speculative prototyping and presentation of new digital media that addresses the divide between the physical and virtual, known as Computational Costume. This work has emerged from investigations into: the support of interactors' spatial memory on screen-based devices; ways of supporting interactors' across a range of media by interviewing a range of experienced designers and communicators; reviewing advancements from screen-based devices to ubiquitous and tangible computing; and developing an accessible speculative design process using lo-fi physical materials to imagine wearable virtual identities that ground interactions through digital media.

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Tim Dwyer

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Jon McCormack

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Vince Dziekan

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Information Technology (Monash University Caulfield)

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