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Brain structure and function in children with developmental speech or language disorder

posted on 28.04.2020, 01:36 authored by LAUREN CLAIRE PIGDON
This thesis used a combination of neuroimaging techniques and measures of speech and language to examine brain structure and function in children with developmental language disorder (DLD) and developmental speech disorder (DSD). The findings from this thesis suggest a link between DLD and grey matter volume in the cerebellum, as well as an association between DSD and grey matter volume in the inferior occipital lobe. This research also highlights the multidimensional nature of the nonword repetition task, and suggests that this task is not a particularly sensitive brain MRI marker in DLD or DSD.


Principal supervisor

Catherine Willmott

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Angela Morgan

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Alan Connelly

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Psychological Sciences

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Murdoch Children's Research Institute

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Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Neuropsychology

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