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Biomechanics Study of Oil Palm Fruit Harvesting: Towards the Use of Assistive Exoskeleton

posted on 2023-06-08, 04:03 authored by YU XUAN TEO
This thesis investigates the biomechanics of oil palm harvesting towards the use of assistive exoskeletons. Firstly, an investigation was conducted to obtain the primary motions and muscles involved in oil palm harvesting. Afterward, the harvesters' muscle coordination strategies were also investigated. Injuries could alter the strategy and therefore the result can be used as a reference to understand musculoskeletal disorders among harvesters. Finally, the feasibility of using a possible passive commercial assistive exoskeleton was explored. In summary, the study characterized oil palm harvesting motion, its common muscle coordination, and the feasibility of using passive commercial assistive exoskeletons to assist the motion.


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Surya Girinatha Nurzaman

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Darwin Gouwanda

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Alpha Agape Gopalai

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School of Engineering (Monash University Malaysia)


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Faculty of Engineering