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Bio-inspired Light-Gated Three-Dimensional Metal-Organic Framework Nanochannels

posted on 13.07.2021, 02:25 by TIANYUE QIAN
In cell membranes, ion channels can open and close upon stimuli regulating the ion transportation. This function is called ion gating, which is a basic feature for bio-membranes. Inspired by nature, this thesis provides a new strategy of fabricating artificial nanochannels for light-gated ion transport. MOFs, a series of porous material with highly ordered structure, are used to build a sub-nanometer nanochannel platform, and responsive molecules are applied as controllable gates modifying inside MOF pores. Thus, the channel, molecule gates and ions transporting through are comparable in size, and a high on-off ratio can be achieved for emerging nanofluidics.


Principal supervisor

Huanting Wang

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Huacheng Zhang

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Chemical Engineering


Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Engineering

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