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Bio-grouting Improving Engineering Behaviour of Coarse Granular Columns

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posted on 2020-07-21, 12:07 authored by AAMIR MAHSEN MAHAWISH
A bio-grouting method is utilising the interdisciplinary knowledge to alter sand engineering properties in the subsurface by turning it from the soil like into sandstone like. Bio-grouting utilises soil microbial processes to precipitate calcium carbonate into the soil matrix, which binds soil particles together to increase strength and stiffness of soil. Bio-grouting involves numerous biogeochemical effects, making the process as a completely complex to understand. In this thesis, optimising of the bio-grouting process treated coarser materials, microstructure tracing and a sand column application have been conducted. The outcomes of this thesis establish bases to scale up bio-grouting process from bench scale to field scale.


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Abdelmalek Bouazza

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Will Gates

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Civil Engineering


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