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Benefits of group singing for aging well Susan Maury thesis REV 0821.pdf (10.54 MB)

Benefits of group singing for ageing well: An investigation of whether group singing achieves unique socio-emotional benefits when compared to other social leisure groups

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posted on 2021-08-27, 00:07 authored by SUSAN ELIZABETH MAURY
Human musicality is a mystery. Theorists have proposed that it was evolutionarily adaptive through its ability to create a shared and positive emotional state, increase a sense of social cohesion, and encourage pro-social behaviours. This research found that group singing provides immediate socio-emotional wellbeing benefits but longer-term benefits are confined to emotional domains. These effects were not unique to group singing, but were similar across comparison groups. Wellbeing was facilitated by both group characteristics (music, movement, socialising) and individual mindset towards participation (motivation, flow), with greater benefits for exercise groups. Implications for social prescribing and similar interventions are discussed.


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Nikki Rickard

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Dianne Vella-Brodrick

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Jane Davidson

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