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Bayesian change-point modeling with segmented ARMA model

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posted on 2020-05-26, 22:35 authored by FARHANA SADIA
Time series segmentation is a dynamic sphere of research that has attracted attention in diverse topics. The aim of this thesis is to segment time series data using a Bayesian approach and develop methods to segment multiple parallel time series data. This thesis used a novel methodology called the Bayesian change-point segmented ARMA model, which estimates the change-point locations by segmenting a time series using an ARMA model. It also uses a highly efficient technique (Generalized Gibbs Sampler) to generate samples from a posterior distribution. Three alternative generalizations of the Bayesian change-point segmented ARMA model were developed to segment multiple parallel time series data.


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Jonathan Macgregor Keith

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Robert Bryson-Richardson

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Kate Smith-Miles

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Science