Automatic graph layout adjustment and the mental map

2018-06-07T00:52:19Z (GMT) by Manohari Ramesh
Automatic graphic object layout methods have long been studied in these application areas in which graphic objects should be laid out to satisfy the constraints specific to each application. In these areas, carefully designed layout algorithms are used to satisfy each application's constraints. However, these algorithms tend to be complicated and not reusable for other applications. Another problem is that most of the automatic layout applications take a purely combinatorial description of a graph to produce a layout; this method is called the "layout creation" method. For interactive systems, another kind of layout is required: a facility which can adjust the layout after the user makes some changes in the graph. Although the layout adjustment is essential, most existing layout algorithms are designed for layout creations. The use of the layout creation model for layout adjustment may totally rearrange the layout and thus destroy the user's mental map of the diagram. Thus a set of layout adjustment methods, different from layout creation methods is required. In this thesis, a general-purpose interactive graphic layout system based on genetic algorithms (GA) is proposed. The thesis suggests some layout adjustment methods for preserving the mental map of the diagram. The system specifically examines the application of GAs to generate a new layout of a project network graph automatically for effective project management.