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Arabic Cybersubtitling Motivation: An Exploration of Translator and Practice

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posted on 05.08.2022, 06:03 authored by ABDULRAHMAN IBRAHIM A ALJAMMAZ
It is intriguing that virtually anyone can produce or participate in producing an audiovisual translation (AVT) through what is known as “cybersubtitling”. This new role of the 21st century translator and the impact of technology on both the discipline of Translation Studies (TS) and the translation profession are examples of drastic changes taking place across both applied and pure branches of TS, shifting focus towards the different roles and motives behind cybersubtitling. My research explores motives behind Arabic cybersubtitling practices, seeking to develop our understanding of motivation in general and its impact on the translation.


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Jason Jones

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Leah Gerber

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M. Zain Sulaiman

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School of Language, Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics

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School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics, Faculty of Arts


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