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Applying Bartolozzi's theory from New sounds for woodwind (1967) to a performance of Bartolozzi's Per Olga (1976) and Smith Brindle's Andromeda M31 (1967) mediated through the utilisation of the Bartolozzi-Mencarelli method

posted on 17.02.2017, 00:18 by Barker, Jade Caroline
Bruno Bartolozzi's (1911-1980) theories on woodwind playing, described in his book New sounds for woodwind (1967), provides an approach to woodwind music that had not previously been published. In this book, Bartolozzi describes unconventional forms of notation and extended techniques for woodwinds. To expand on the theories in New sounds for woodwind for the flute, Bartolozzi engaged Italian flautist Pier Luigi Mencarelli to co-author a method book entitled Metoda per flauto (1975). This method book allowed flautists to develop the practical skills necessary to apply the theories to performance. Bartolozzi's English friend and composer, Reginald Smith-Brindle (1917- 2003), translated both of these texts from Italian into English. My solo flute performances of Smith Brindle's Andromeda M31 (1967) along with Bartolozzi's Per Olga (1976) will be discussed in relation to Bartolozzi's theories and practical support via the flute method book.


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