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Anatomical and Biomechanical Considerations for Hip Protector Design and Function

posted on 15.05.2018, 20:01 by RICHARD GERARD DOMINIC FERNANDEZ
Fall induced hip fracture is a major cause of death and impairment in the ageing population This hip fracture prevention research aimed to improve hip protector design. An implantable protector concept proved unfeasible with current technology. Hip muscle morphology was mapped and models created, calculating muscle thickness and location based on individuals’ mass. The material properties of hip muscles were measured using a novel method. Relevant anatomical and biomechanical data was combined in a computer model to evaluate hip protector function. Improved, anatomically-based hip protector specifications resulted. A recommendation was made that older persons’ hip muscle size be maintained.


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Joan Ozanne-smith

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Raphael Grzebieta

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Forensic Medicine

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Faculty of Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences

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