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An investigation of pimary music education in Victorian schools: a single case study

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posted on 17.02.2017, 01:06 by Cosaitis, Wei
This phenomenological research has employed a qualitative case study approach and investigates what practices are required in successful music curriculum development and quality music teaching within and without the music classroom in state-supported (government) primary schools in Victoria, Australia. To contextualize the study, issues involving the history of music education in Victorian government primary schools, current national and state music curricula, particular music teaching approaches of Kodály and Orff, school choral and instrumental instructions, and music advocacy were also discussed at length. The data in the study was obtained through a number of semi-structured interviews with the music specialist in the selected school, several semi-structured interviews with numerous individuals involved in the school‘s music program, and a series of observations of various music teaching episodes. Research findings of this study suggest that a number of practices are required in the successful operation of a music programs in Victorian primary schools under the current state-supported educational system. It is indicated that a successful music curriculum should be comprehensive, sequential, balanced, literacy-oriented, and enjoyment-based. Findings also recommend that the music teacher devise the curriculum for the purposes of serving students‘ needs and levels of progression, incorporating the school‘s culture, taking into consideration the nature of the local community. In terms of implementing teacher efficacy, skills in developing school music advocacy, maintaining quality classroom teaching, and organizing and managing choral and instrumental activities are essential for successful music programs. The research also indicates that an effective school music program requires a specialist who is a highly qualified, experienced music teacher as well as an accomplished musician, and is, hence, a recognizably successful music specialist.


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