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An integrated structural, geophysical, geochemical and petrochronological study of the Otago Schist, New Zealand

posted on 28.01.2021, 21:39 by Casey Blundell
This study utilises a combination of disparate skills to investigate the geological characteristics of the Otago Schist. Interpretation of electromagnetic and magnetic data facilitated targeted mapping locations, as well as the selection of samples for whole-rock chemical analyses, age dating and isotopic studies. Results indicate that the Permian-Triassic aged rocks which comprise the Otago Schist may have been sourced from distant locations from along the Gondwana margin from northeastern Australia, to southern South America and Patagonia. This study demonstrates the effectiveness of using a wide variety of approaches to better understand and characterise the evolution of complexly deformed schist belts, with implications for better understanding plate tectonic reconstructions.


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Laurent Ailleres

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Robin Armit

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Peter Betts

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Adam Martin

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Earth, Atmosphere and Environment

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GNS Science NZ

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Steven Micklethwaite


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