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An exploration of the relationship between transport to arts and cultural activities and social exclusion

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posted on 2017-01-31, 05:23 authored by Johnson, Victoria
This thesis presents exploratory work into the relationships between transport, arts and cultural participation and social exclusion. Evidence of the positive social and health impacts of participation in arts and cultural activity is growing, in particular for people identified as being at risk of social exclusion. Access to appropriate, affordable transport is understood to be a key facilitator of social inclusion but the role of transport within cultural participation has not been examined. This research uses secondary data from a household travel survey and other quantitative data to present new knowledge about factors associated with participation in the arts. Using primary data collected in interviews, the research also presents qualitative insights into aspects of participation that may facilitate inclusion for excluded groups. New knowledge findings of the work include that the location of activities and access to the transport needed to travel to them are important influences on arts and cultural participation. Social exclusion has also been identified as barrier to participation. Some, but not all types of arts and cultural participation have been found to create opportunities for people to develop skills and social networks which may promote social inclusion. Based on these findings, recommendations for policy are presented. These include; better integration of land use, public transport and walk accessibility planning, enhanced by application of social frameworks to understand and respond to participation barriers; linking people facing multiple or complex barriers to participation in arts and cultural activities better to participation opportunities; and improving the understanding and application of models of social inclusion to transport and arts and cultural research and development. To build on this study, further research is recommended to examine relationships between participation and social inclusion and the research methods that can best be used to investigate these.


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