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An Investigation of late Pleistocene and recent cave deposits in South-eastern Australia

posted on 13.05.2021, 02:44 by Norman Arthur Wakefield
Because of lack in Australia of premisses for palaeoecological study of fossil mamnalic:n faunas, studies are made of distribution, habitat and taxonomy of modern S .E. Australian species. Data from these studies are applied to general analyses of several deposits of
mammal bones from S.E. Australian sites, to detailed study of the Pyramids Cave deposit from E. Victoria , and to a re-assessment of the fossil fauna of Wombeyan Caves, N.S.W.
The small mammals of S.E. Australia are discussed in categories (those occurring in the region containing the Pyramids Cave, and those of adjacent regions), and the habitat of each of those in the Pyramids Cave deposit is assessed.


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