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An Investigation Towards the Development of Circadian Lighting Design Incorporating Visual and Non-visual Effects of Light

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posted on 2022-02-02, 16:40 authored by YI JIAU SAW
Illumination designed for human wellbeing aside from purely visual performance has been gaining traction in lighting research. However, commercialized tunable luminaires typically have a limited range of photobiologically-effective light. This research investigates the impacts of corneal melanopic illuminance on physiological measures and psychological performances. A novel design framework based on spectral shaping is proposed, leading to a minimalistic design of a multi-channel LED-based circadian-tunable luminaire. The framework optimizes between circadian tuning capability, visual quality and design practicality. A luminaire prototype using the proposed design is validated for its tuning range and therefore its suitability for use in circadian lighting.


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Vineetha_ Kalavally

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Tan Chee Pin

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Andrew Phillips

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Sean Cain

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